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From: Norman Dunbar <>
Date: Thu, 05 Sep 2013 17:20:21 +0100
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Hi Michael,

On 05/09/13 16:49, Michael Schmitt wrote:

> Is the only impact of this operation that user queries will fail? Is there anything else that I will need to consider? Is there any operation that might cause the 'offline' statement to fail?

I recently migrated a 9i database to 11g using transportable tablespaces - the total size of the data migrated was a tad over 6.5 TB. It went "reasonably" well.

I was going from HP-UX to Linux X86-64 which was an added "bonus" and this required a 10g EE database in the middle to do the transportable exports so that I could take advantage of the cross platform conversions with RMAN.

TTs are pretty fine, in my opinion, *unless* you have a 10g database as the exporting one, and you have spatial indexes involved. At that point it goes belly up big time!

As your databases are 11g, this is no longer a problem - Oracle fixed the Spatial problems in 11g.

I did my migrations out of hours, so affecting the users wasn't a problem for me, but I never took tablespaces off line, I simply dropped them, including data files and contents. I then used RMAN to convert the data files from the HP server to Linux format, and move them from a staging area to the desired location.

It all just worked, Spatial problems aside that is! When I came to do the same migration between two 11g databases, there was no problem whatsoever.

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