Re: AWR snapshots empty - ADDM runs fail

From: Mark Burgess <>
Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2013 14:38:34 +1000
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Hi Tony,

I can't locate any docs on it. Why I suspect it might be a constraint is that DBCA lets you either run local (DB Control) or centralised management (EMGC/EMCC etc) but not both. But if we take a look at the options for the emca utility it does look like both central and local management can be configured from the command line (taken from btw):

emca -help
$ORACLE_HOME/bin/emca [operation] [mode] [dbType] [flags] [parameters]

-h | --h | -help | --help: prints this help message -version: prints the version

-config dbcontrol db [-repos (create | recreate)] [-cluster] [-silent] [-backup] [parameters]: configure Database Control for a database
-config centralAgent (db | asm) [-cluster] [-silent] [parameters]: configure central agent management
-config all db [-repos (create | recreate)] [-cluster] [-silent] [-backup] [parameters]: configure both Database Control and central agent management


Depending on how the original dbcontrol was configured you might need to -deconfig the existing dbcontrol and then run a '-config all db' to have both central and local management.



On 05/09/2013, at 8:29 AM, De DBA <> wrote:

> Thanks Mark,
> Do you happen to know where this would be documented? I did read the EMCC docs, but found nothing to indicate that this could be a problem. Indeed, I seem to remember that on this list not too long ago someone (Peter Sharman perhaps?) alluded to the fact that both could be used side-by-side, albeit that jobs defined in one will not show up in the other and similar gotchas.
> Cheers,
> Tony
> On 04/09/13 20:20, Mark Burgess wrote:

>> Hi Tony,
>> you may have to deinstall the DB Control repository in the targets and then configure the 11.1 targets under 12c CC. From memory you can't have a target managed by both DB Control and EMGC/CC - but I maybe wrong. Even if you do have to deinstall this should still preserve the AWR data.
>> Regards,
>> Mark

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