AWR snapshots empty - ADDM runs fail

From: De DBA <>
Date: Wed, 04 Sep 2013 20:07:28 +1000
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I'm stumped about this one. We've got a few 11gR1 databases that have been in use for several years. They work well, had dbconsole configured but no management packs. Today I added them to the 12c Cloud Control and enabled management pack access for the Diagnostic & Tuning packs. Immediately the database began collecting hourly AWR snapshots, level TYPICAL. The problem is that all snapshots are empty. No data at all.

When I go to the 'realtime ADDM' page in EMCC, there is plenty data flowing. Real time analysis fails though, because apparently DBSNMP pl/sql packages need to be installed - new in 12c? I don't remember having to do that in previous versions... However, the absence of DBSNMP packages associated with ADDM should not result in empty snapshots, or should it? As I understand it, AWR snapshots are created by the database using native functionality, not by the EMCC agent?

Running AWR reports results in stacks of warning messages and trying to display the ADDM runs (hourly) shows an array index out of bounds type error.

All this works very well for 11gR2 databases, including creating and displaying ADDM runs. The same EMCC instance is used to manage both the 11gR1 and 11gR2 databases.

Version info:

  • Database:
  • EMCC & agent:
  • OS: AIX
The dbconsole repository is still present in the databases, but the dbconsoles are shutdown.

Helpful hints welcome.


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