Re: storing lobs as secure files - any gotchas?

From: orcl <>
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2013 21:43:40 -0500
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 Thanks but that document give the impression you can only use export of sql loader to load the data. I was thinking using INSERT /*+ APPEND NOLOGGING PARALLEL(X, 4) */ INTO NEW_SECUREFILE_TABLE X ( select /*+ full(Y) parallel(Y, 4) */ * FROM SOURCE_LOB_TABLE Y); Which is what I would do if I were to load for 1 year into a staging table - then exchange as a partition.

I was wondering any issues of loading the whole table in one swoop rather than exchanging each year and building the indexes as I went,


There are no known downsides to using SecureFiles instead of BasicFiles for storing LOBs / files in Oracle Database. And, you can use direct path to loadinto a SecureFiles column regardless of whether it is in-line or out-of-line: see the doc here
< 09749>[1] for more details. -Kevin J

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