Re: GTT in SQL Developer Data Modeler

From: Jeff Smith <>
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2013 19:56:33 -0500
Message-ID: <>

In the physical model (accessible under the relational model in the tree), set your Organization DropDown control to 'INDEX'

You also have an IOT Properties panel there you can define things like compression, threshold, and overflow tablespace.

While you're there, set the Temporary dropdown to 'YES'

This will give you the desired DDL.


On 2/27/2013 4:36 PM, Fergal Taheny wrote:
> Hi,
> SQL Developer Data Modeler doesn't seem to support global temporary tables
> (or Index organised tables).
> On Table Properties -> General there is a Classification Type which you can
> set to Temporary but that just seems to be informational as the DDL still
> creates a normal table.
> The only workaround I can find is to define an after create script which
> does something like this:
> create global temporary table X_T as select * from X;
> drop table X;
> alter table X_T rename to X;
> Am I missing something?
> Version is which is the latest.
> Regards,
> Fergal
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