datapump, transport tablespace and ora 39151

From: pier paolo Bruno <>
Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2013 17:12:26 +0100
Message-ID: <>

I am making a move from aix to linux of a 4tb datawarehouse. I am using transportable tablespace and convert. I found a problem, i have already avoided on which i'd like to have you opinion.
For a bug of it's happen that bitmap index are not correctly transported and support told us to drop and recreate broken bitmap index. I made a work like this :
make an export (exp) full no rows from aix to get all plsql convert aix datafile as usually , export metadata, import in linux, drop corrupted index on linux and reimport the full export for plsql. Making the import full oracle recreates all the missing objects (dropped index).
I try to make the same with datapump . it does not work because impdp finds the imported table with transportable and skips (ora 39151) all dependent metadata, included the missing indexes .

Obviously i solve using imp exp but , generally , I was quite used to use exp with rows=NO to align database structure without copying the rows expecially for develop/test envirorments for which i can not move the data from prod env but sometimes they asks me to align the structure of all or parts of the database.
Do I miss something or datapump is more error prone than imp exp ? In my opinion is very complex with dp to be sure to have move all objects and it is even more difficult to understand what has not be created becouse it tells me it has only skipped already present objects and all their dependencies .

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