RE: 12c on HPUX (Was: Oracle DBAs Needed in Kansas)

From: Dustin Hayden <>
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2013 12:25:27 +0000
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Their tech support is very poor now as well. Especially with the overseas support. Twice I have had one of them refuse to escalate a SR.

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As somebody who is planning a 3rd one-off patch implementation, this month alone, to address availability issues, I can say that I'm not seeing that QA has improved on Solaris.

On Wednesday, February 20, 2013, John Hurley wrote:

> My unfortunate opinion ... Oracle QA is not what it used to be on most
> every platform including linux also.
> Maybe it is getting better now on solaris ... dunno ... but maybe.
> Things started getting pretty shaky coming out from oracle for hpux
> back in the
> 9.2 days ...
> Guess I am getting old and grumpy but dang hpux and solaris both used
> to be pretty well shaken out. They would even install cleanly!
> C'est la vie ...


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