Re: What MB/s is pulled from your buffer cache?

From: Nuno Souto <>
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2013 16:12:57 +1100
Message-ID: <>

On 14/02/2013 2:12 AM, Rich Jesse wrote:
> My server uses DDR2 PC2-5300 RAM (man, would I love to upgrade), which gives
> it a theoretical max bandwidth of 10.6GB/s, assuming a dual-channel
> configuration. I'm not sure how an IBM p-series is architected CPU-to-RAM,
> but I just saw a peak transfer of over 13GB/s.
> Fun stuff. Thanks!

Me neither, but I've seen it do nearly that, measured with SLOB and Aix 7.1. Power 6 here.

Nuno Souto

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