Re: Code Review Process

From: Sayan Sergeevich Malakshinov <>
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2013 14:47:10 +0400
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Hi all!
I am interested in this topic too(except performance questions, because i monitor it on production and on performance stress testing). Sometimes it is very hard to read pl/sql code written by different teams (or, even worse, by sql generators like hibernate). Do anybody have same conventions for PL/SQL and SQL or db objects naming conventions?
Or maybe set of restrictions/best practices for developers like 'do not do ...'?
Could anybody share own code conventions/standards for oracle db? For example as java developer in past, i know sun's(oracle) code convention for java - In addition to parsing code in commit-hooks, we can do automatic check some code rules through pl/scope, and naming rules through data dictionary .

Best regards,
Sayan Malakshinov
Performance tuning engineer

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