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    I know you are on, but if you have 11.2 or are planning on moving to 11.2 soon, you may want to read bug 10388660, it happens when using rman duplicate and have archived redo logs stored on ASM.


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Can I answer "no" without fear of reprisal? :)

I'm new to ASM and I don't think any of our guys are backing up ASM metadata.  I'll have to poll them.


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Nothing directly to do with the archive logs, but you do back up your ASM metadata as well, don't you. That will help in the case of header corruption but of course not in the case of disk corruption. Hence the need for frequent (based on your recovery SLA)  archive log backups to a destination, tape or disk on another, independent storage system (i.e. your DR site).

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> Env:
> RAC 3 Nodes RHEL 5.6 64-bit
> ASM 3 Nodes RHEL 5.6 64-bit
> We have our archivelogs stored solely in a diskgroup managed by the ASM instance.  We don't write the archivelogs to a cooked filesystem.
> Nightly we take an RMAN backup and verification to a cooked filesystem.
> I'm curious if I have a potential problem area with this setup in that I ask the question:
> "What happens if I lose my ASM information - such as ASM disk header corruption or a severe SAN problem that corrupts the disk data?"


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