DBA_HIST_SQLSTAT "oddity" - Executions & Executions_Delta = 0

From: <Christopher.Taylor2_at_parallon.net>
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2013 07:18:20 -0600
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We have the peculiar SQL statements that are executed in PL/SQL as an "execute immediate" for application reasons. When I look up the SQL statement and get the SQL_ID and check DBA_HIST_SQLSTAT, I'm getting 0 executions for both total & delta.

For the 1 row I see in DBA_HIST_SQLSTAT I have approx. 2 minutes of execution time - but according to the application code that logs the execution, the statement took 14 minutes.

My AWR snapshots are set to 10 minute intervals and I would expect the statement to span multiple snapshots but it only appears once. I've also modified my TOPNSQL = 500 and still no joy. Could it be that execute immediate statements aren't captured correctly??

Anyone have any ideas/thoughts?

Chris Taylor
Oracle DBA
Parallon IT&S

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