R12 EBS - SYSTEM TABLESPACE is Dict Managed and Increase in size to 20GB..

From: Sheldon Quinny <sheldonquinny_at_gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2013 07:57:37 +0300
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Hi all,
I have a client take over and was going thru thier R12EBS systems.

What I notice is that the system table space is Dictionary Manged has been increasing to a size of 20 Gb with more then merry data files added to it.

I just wanted to know , what would be your advice/ suggestions as to how to handle this situation.

The R12 EBS has been a fresh install past last year and it not any upgrade or so.

So I wanted to know if this is normal to have the system tablespace in to dict managed, which I find it weird as to how did they manage to get this into dict managed in the first place.

Please let me know , what should I be looking at before taking this handover.


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