Re: OEM12c Target Host Config after delete

From: Ryan January <>
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2013 08:06:14 -0600
Message-ID: <>

I was finally able to resolve the issue, however my process has not yet received the blessing of Oracle.
What I can piece together is that reinstalling the agent attempted to delete the old agent data from the repository. That job did not complete and was left in a pending state causing only some tables to get cleared of agent data. The existing data prevented the agent from re-registering properly.

Looking through the sysman schema I found most OEM MGMT% tables worked off of a target_guid column. That allowed me to piece together what target and agent id's went to specific components. One target_guid stood out as being from the old agent install. Any rows from tables having a target_guid column matching that value were deleted. In addition to the orphaned agent data there was the pending delete job which needed to be dealt with. Those records were found in MGMT_JOB and MGMT_JOB_EXEC_SUMMARY. After cleaning up all the above items, and performing an upload, the agent appeared within OEM. To insure things were as clean as possible I re-ran the agent delete manually before reinstalling the agent on this particular host. So far everything appears to be functioning as expected.


On 01/21/2013 04:49 PM, Ray Stell wrote:
> On Jan 21, 2013, at 5:24 PM, Ryan January wrote:
>> Is there any way we can flush the previous agent info from the database allowing the agent to perform the registration process? What sequence of events creates the agent/host/targets within OEM? Documentation states that the host and agent are created when the first upload happens on a new agent. My expectation is that there is some cruft hanging around inside the repository from the old agent causing this process to not fire.
> Is this of any value: "How to Manually Remove Targets from 12C Cloud Control [ID 1386131.1]." I think I followed this when I was cleaning house before my second install which worked fine.

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