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If you think their knowledge on hyperthreading vs multi-cores is poor then try to ask them questions on licensing on virtualized environments... :-)
sometimes Oracle needs to even pull a video on this matter
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> Thanks Freek - good clarification of the issue.
> Based on what I've read online - Oracle is not always consistent on that (probably a lack of knowledge even by the sales reps on the differences between hyperthreading and multi-cores. I was under the impression that if the OS showed a certain count of cpus you had to use that number and multiply it by the factor but clearly I'm one of the ones in the "confused" boat. :)
> Chris
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> Hi,
> The cpu threads are not playing a role when determining the number of processor licenses.
> Only the number of cores and processor type is important (for Enterprise Edition).
> You can find this in the processor definition (should be in the end user
> agreement)
> extract:
> "The number of required licenses shall be determined by multiplying the total number of cores of the processor by a core processor licensing factor specified on the Oracle Processor Core Factor Table which can be accessed at"
> so 2 intel x86-64 quad cores with hyperthreading will show 16 os cpu's, but count for 8 cores and require 4 processor licenses.
> A general remark:
> Whenever you have a question on oracle licensing, don't (solely) trust on sources such as mailing lists (no, not even on me), but ask the question to your Oracle account manager and let him/her confirm in writing.
> The amount of money involved when you get it wrong (either by buying to much of by getting penalties after a license audit) it way to high. ;-)
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