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From: Adam Musch <>
Date: Thu, 31 May 2012 13:58:23 -0500
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While Richard is right that you can't create a physical standby database running off of a primary running, you can use it building a physical standby as part of an upgrade strategy.

Create a physical standby running (apply logs)
(stop applying logs)
Convert the physical standby to a logical standby. (resume applying logs)
(stop applying logs)
Upgrade the physical standby to release (resume applying logs)

This is our current plan for upgrading a 10+ TB mission critical system, and we've successfully tested it in small scale. There's a white paper out there from Dell about how they did a RAC upgrade that using that strategy.

> We are migrating from one data center to another, all new equipment and the latest Oracle 11gR2 database.  To minimize the migration window, I was thinking about using data guard to replicate the production database to the new data center prior to migration weekend.
> 1. Has anyone used data guard to create their new production database?
>        Yes, works very nicely for moving things form one location to another provided the prerequisites are there.
> 2. Can data guard be used to create a standby database on a newer version of Oracle (source Oracle - target Oracle
>        No, one of the prereq's the operating system and database version MUST be the same.
> 3. Is anyone aware of the ports used by data guard so I can make sure the firewall is open between data centers?
>        Up to you as it's all just SQL*Net
> Thanks in advance,
> Bill

Adam Musch
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