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Humm, Uncle Bob sounds like a number of other pundits running around, but mostly on FOX news and the like. People who are convinced that they are always 100% right and everyone else is 100% wrong even when they agree. But at the same time these folks are not 100% right or wrong either. There has been many a software project that I've seen that starts out trying to design a schema with no idea of what their dealing with. These mostly fall into one of two categories 1) those that build too big a data model so that it is totally unwieldy and 2) those that build too simple a model. There are also those projects that from the start have a single database vendor in mind and will not vary from their choice. All tend to be miserable failures in the end. So Uncle Bob's point about making the rdbms a center point of what you are doing is correct and you can't really decide that until you have looked at the use cases/requirements/needs. Will you need a big honking database engi  ne, or a nosql midget or would a simple csv file suffice. The answer, as has been stated many times on the list, is "it depends".

        Also I really like the motto of his 8th Light company. Software without errors. Really, do they deal in miracles??

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I understand many still like to see business logic placed outside of the database and that ORM's are very popular but I didn't expect to see experienced software developers to have opinions like this:

From what I can tell, this guy has written a several very popular books and articles on software development.

Not sure why I'm posting this to the list other than the fact that I just didn't expect something like this to pop up in my RSS reader.


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