Re: Are there features on other RDBMS's that it would be good for Oracle to have?

From: Nuno Souto <>
Date: Sun, 27 May 2012 15:24:11 +1000
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Paul Linehan wrote,on my timestamp of 26/05/2012 2:33 PM:

> Anything similar on other systems that you use that you think would be
> of benefit for Oracle?

Oh boy!...

First and foremost: the ability to have multiple redo log streams so I don't have to buy RAC when single redo log writing flattens out.

Yes: I am aware that it's got to do with transaction control. es: I am aware of SSDs and their uses.
I've been using Oracle since release 3, does anyone seriously think there is ANYTHING about it I'm not "aware" of?

MSSQL has it and it works peachy. So it does with RAC. As is, I am seriously limited on the number of different schemas and apps I can consolidate into a single instance without starting to have serious bottlenecks.

Second, I've posted about in my blog: In a nutshell: proxy logins don't cut it because they are not affected by roles assigned to the initial login user. My using a login trigger is just a kludge to what should really be handled by the database context functionality. Badly needed for multiple schema/application consolidation.

Yes, there are those of us to whom "consolidation" has a little bit more than 4 letters. And I'm venturing it'll become more and more important as time goes by and IT budgets contract a lot more - they will.

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