Re: RAC on HP-UX itanium (...) installation tips

From: Radoulov, Dimitre <>
Date: Fri, 25 May 2012 22:30:49 +0200
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Много благодаря Све :)

Thank you very much, Sve,
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On 25/05/2012 22:05, Svetoslav Gyurov wrote:
> [...]
> You have nothing to worry about, bug are everywhere. With HP-UX 11.31
> you have a native multipath and agile storage stack, which means that
> the device files names are based on the WWID, not based on domain id,
> lun id, card instance and so on. I'm running several RAC clusters with
> 10.2 in prod, and 11g for test only.
> Previously one had to use SGeRAC and Shared LVM to have the same
> device names on all nodes, but now you don't need these. You have to
> make sure that device files dedicated for the database under
> /dev/rdisk/ (this will be the discovery string as GI) are owner by
> oracle user. In case you delete them and rebuild device files (insf)
> their ownership is changed back to root.

Yes, I noticed the following in the RACGuides_Rac11gR1OnHPUX pdf:

We recommend to create a special Oracle device directory, and to use mknod to create device paths in
this special Oracle folder. This has the advantage, that you get same names for OCR and Voting files
across all nodes in the cluster. In addition, it ensures that the permissions of these Oracle device files remain untouched of 'insf −e'.
# mkdir /dev/oracle
# ll /dev/rdsk/disk25
crw-r----- 1 bin sys 23 0x000019 Jan 16 12:16 /dev/rdisk/disk25 # mknod /dev/oracle/asmdisk1 c 23 0x000019

Thanks again!

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