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Date: Wed, 23 May 2012 09:27:33 -0700 (PDT)
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Here I go with my 2c again....:)  I can't tell you the mfg. of the ones I used at the last place I was at, but yes, we did use SSD in a production capacity.  They are expensive, but to enhance performance due to the demands of how data is driven in the business, it was necessity. The multi-TB databases, (around 10-16TB) each had 4-1TB cards in each server.  These were used for various purposes.  We had one ASM diskgroup specifically assigned to the SSD.  This was then allocated to temp tablespace groups and tablespaces for objects that were accessed often for large hashes and sorts.  These can be plugged into an EMC SAN, that I can verify, but we were moving towards small, faster machines with a lot of "fast disk" that we were testing out-  some with more success than others.

The SSD we were utilizing did give us 10-15 times the read performance of standard disk, (of course writes were still impressive but still much slower than reads...) depending on the manufacturer and the size of the disk.  For what was required of this company, which was moving and producing a lot of data for other companies, the performance was well worth the price when 1-3TB CTAS occurred, based off other TB objects on a regular basis.

Performance tuning of the code, design and objects were always done as the initial choice.  I often had developers CTAS wide tables down to just the columns they required for the final output first to eliminate some of the huge hash joins and sorts, but in the end, I/O was the bottleneck and to have this on SSD was faster and cheaper than other options presented to the business.

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does anyone use SSDs professionally? Projects with large budgets have large expenses, so you would need alot of SSDs. I would think they are still really expensive. I don't know how the professional grade SSDs compare to the professional grade hard drives in cost either. Can you plug these into a SAN?
I would think this is too expensive to use. I also don't know how much it would help given that most anything that has any kind of volume is on some kind of networked storage and that has alot of features on top of the hard drives to help with performance.

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