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From: Bobak, Mark <>
Date: Mon, 21 May 2012 15:33:12 -0400
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Ok, first, 'BACKUP VALIDATE' will *not* actually do a backup:

Based on the error you're seeing, you need to put the backup copy into archivelog mode, to be able to successfully do the test.

Finally, see here:

for details of options that should and should not be set for a full validation.

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Subject: checking for block corruption

I need to run a block corruption test. I have a BCV copy of prod I am running this on. We are not using RMAN for prod backups. I can't change this. DB Version:
DB Size: 10 TBs
files are on raw partitions
rman target /

backup validate database;

if I run this will this actually backup the DB? When I read the docs they seemed to say it would only do a validate check. We have the DB copy in noarchivelog mode. When I ran that command I get:

RMAN-03009: failure of backup command on ORA_DISK_1 channel at 05/21/2012 16:05:09
ORA-19602: cannot backup or copy active file in NOARCHIVELOG mode

If backup validate only checks for block corruption why does it care if I am in archivelog mode ( i know i can bounce the db or turn it off. I want to make sure I'm not actually taking a backup).


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