Re: Number with a length of -1?

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Date: Wed, 9 May 2012 13:09:20 -0400
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We use proC. we are in DB version I do not have date stamps on the tables that have the issue, but by joining, to other tables, it looks like at least 1 record was created in the last 6-12 months. When I run dump(col,1016), I get

Typ=2 Len=3: c0,0,0

note that my rawtohex value is C0000, so it appears related. Anyone know waht c0,0,0 means? Or where I can look it up. I am guessing Ill find its an invalid encoding.

I take it this means garbage data. Is there any easier way to look for bad data without running a dump on all fields in the database? We are not using RMAN. We do straight EMC SAN level BCV backups. I don't think the RMAN utility would help. I don't think this is block corruption since I can actually query the data.

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> Jeffrey Beckstrom writes:
> > I vaguely recall that a very long time ago there was an issue where some
> > PRO*x programs could insert bad data into the database without being
> caught.
> > That's all I recall about it at the moment.
> The only one of those I know of -- nay, lived through -- was that a numeric
> zero could be inserted into a date datatype column, which caused all sorts
> of fun.
> Even though it was introduced in v6 or v7, I've never seen documentation
> that the bug has been closed, supposedly due to its widespread (ab)use.
> I've experienced the bug in v9 and possibly v10.
> Rich
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