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Hi Amir,

have seen similar behavior if logfiles of crs are also residing on a non available location. you should install at least the CRS home on local disks. if not possible point at least the logfiles (symlink CRS_HOME/log to local disks).

HTH Mathias

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Thanks Tim,
The cables remained unplugged for 30 minutes. I am using the default values for the "disktimeout" and "miscount" parameters and they are pasted below:

crsctl get css disktimeout
CRS-4678: Successful get disktimeout 200 for Cluster Synchronization Services.

crsctl get css misscount
CRS-4678: Successful get misscount 30 for Cluster Synchronization Services.

In my mind, the cluster should have evicted the node after 200 seconds (DTO). Amir
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Your phrase "/kept showing that the node was still part of the cluster/"

doesn't mention how long that state lasted. Clearly, from your email, it lasted too long, but equally obviously, at some point the clusterware

reacted, and I'm wondering how long that wait might have been?

Armed with that information about how long it took for the clusterware to react in mind, I'd suggest using the "crsctl query css" command as suggested here in the 11.2 docs online...

            /crsctl get css/

    /Use the |crsctl get css| command to obtain the value of a specific     Cluster Synchronization Services parameter./



/crsctl get cssparameter

    /Usage Notes/


/Cluster Synchronization Services parameters include:/



/This command only affects the local server/


    /To display the value of the |disktimeout| parameter for CSS, use     the following command:/

    /$ crsctl get css disktimeout
    200 /

So, you may want to share what the values for "disktimeout" and "misscount" were, and whether those values corroborated at all with your


Hope this helps?

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On 5/8/2012 8:41 AM, Hameed, Amir wrote:
> Folks,
> I have a three-node Oracle RAC running with Grid version So,
> far there is no database created and only CRS is running on all nodes.
> am using NFS for everything (binaries, OCR&  voting disk and database
> files). Each server has two 10GbE NICs for dNFS. The binaries, OCR and
> voting disks are on an aggregated link (two 1GbE NIC). The OS is
> 10.
> While doing destructive testing to validate configuration and to
> behavior in extreme scenarios, when we pulled cables on one RAC server
> from both NICs that are part of the aggregated link for the binaries,
> voting disk and OCR, I was expecting that because CRS would not be
> to access the voting disks on that node to update its status,
> clusterware would eject that node from the cluster. The "crsctl status
> resource -t" command from the other nodes kept showing that the node
> still part of the cluster. I am trying to understand this behavior and
> would appreciate if someone can explain it.
> Thanks
> Amir
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