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From: Michael Dinh <mdinh_at_XIFIN.Com>
Date: Thu, 3 May 2012 10:20:30 -0700
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Shameful plug:

What about using active database duplication? The above I used for standby, but the concept is pretty much the same, no?

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Subject: Best option for moving database of server

I have to move a oracle database 10g ( to another server, what would you recommend me that is the best option for doing it? Cloning database?
Architecture will be the same in the source and target server, different distribution of Linux, but with same architecture (x86-64). I had thought install oracle (I think that there isn't full install), I will have to install patchset and then cloning database :-?
I know transport tablespaces too ... and export/import. What would be the best option? Database is not large/great, and it isn't a important database, it can be stopped, although I don't want a large downtime. Thanks beforehand.
P.D.: If you prefer cloning database, some manual about it?



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