Oracle Security Alert for CVE-2012-1675 - 10g extended support

From: Jiang, Lu <>
Date: Thu, 3 May 2012 10:19:12 -0400
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Sorry that was my typo, thanks Dimitre for pointing out. Still could not find the patch for Windows platform. I have submitted a SR for this.

We have couple of 10g databases and currently have no plan to upgrade them. The new patch requires Extended Support service for 10g databases. Does anyone know how much it would cost for the Extended Support?


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On 02/05/2012 23:40, Jiang, Lu wrote:
> Note 1453883.1 suggests to apply patch for bug 1288029. Only find the patch for Linux platform, Could not find anything for other platforms. Tried to search this bug from Bug Number or Bug Database on metalink, nothing returned. Will submit a SR for this once I get a chance.

I believe the correct bug number is 12880299 (one more 9 at the end). I see the complete Oracle supported platform list on MOS.



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