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From: fmhabash <>
Date: Wed, 02 May 2012 15:41:42 -0400
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This is an issue I always confront. These are some tips of what I have seen at different clients ...
- Decision to add capacity in any form (cpu, storage, memory) is the
responsibility of the application owner and NOT the DBA.
- Tracking db resource storage usage is the responsibility of the DBA.

So this is how the process works ...
1) DBA initiates the process by sharing db resource usage with application operations.
2) DBA verifies resoruce usage. This is to rule out presence of unnecessary files consuming storage or simply over-allocated storage that is never used.
2) app ops verify usage. More often, they identify unused schemas, old databases, or old data that can be deleted. 3) If no resolution, app ops submit request to add resources based on application use and business case.
4) resources added accordingly.

How to track resource usage?

1- Many uses open source tools such Nagios to track db cpu, memory, and storage usage (using custom sql).
2- Oracle GC.
3- Custom scripts (what I use) based on AWR data (1 year retention or more).

Hope this helps.

Thank you.

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