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You didn't mention the Oracle version but regardless, think of all that you'd potentially lose if $ORACLE_HOME and/or $CRS_HOME are completely lost. You'd have no ability to review all the various Oracle logfiles to determine why the crash happened (in case it caused the disk loss). You'd lose all configuration settings - base releases, what patches you applied, TNS *.ora files, local scripts, local monitoring, etc. Granted, you could clone all this from other node(s) in the cluster, assuming they didn't have a similar issue, but it seems like a huge potential issue.

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Subject: Backing up RAC server filesystems

I am trying to get offline backups configured for my RAC server nodes. I was planning on having all local filesystems backed up, but the offline backup team says they don't backup the OS by default because it can be re-installed. My hope is that in the event the local disk on the server goes out it could be replaced and a restore done and the node restarted. Given that RAC modifies a lot on the OS I'm not sure this would work at all if all that was backed up was /oracle. Is this a good strategy (backing up all filesystems)? Am I better to rebuild the node, do a deletenode and then addnode? Other thoughts?


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