Re: v$sql - executions vs loads vs invalidations

From: Gerry Miller <>
Date: Wed, 02 May 2012 21:37:05 +1000
Message-ID: <>

 Evening Norman,
I suspect you are correct.



Norman Dunbar wrote: Morning Gerry, On 02/05/12 08:31, Gerry Miller wrote: AsI mentioned in my reply to Carlos, there are over 6000 such queries in theshared pool, each with the structure: SELECT<schema_name>.<table_name>.*, rowid from<schema>.<table_name> WHERE1=0; I think I should quiz the developers as to what they are trying to do with these queries. I've seen something like that before. I used to work in a software house where Uniface was the development tool of choice. It was diabolical, but excellent for "database agnostic" applications as it used the best of each database. Anyway, before a "table" could be used, it had to be "opened". The query there was "select * from schema.table" which was parsed only, but never executed. If the parse failed, then the table probably didn't exists and the application would report a problem. I suspect your queries above are something similar? Cheers, Norm.

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