Re: v$sql - executions vs loads vs invalidations

From: Gerry Miller <>
Date: Wed, 02 May 2012 17:33:48 +1000
Message-ID: <>

 Hi Norman,
The 11g explanation would make sense here.

The parse count is 1 for each query.

You are right about the application not using bind variables, although the WHERE clause is always "WHERE 1=0".



Norman Dunbar wrote: Hi Gerry, On 01/05/12 10:41, Gerry Miller wrote: LOADS: 2794 INVALIDATIONS: 2793 EXECUTIONS: 0 How I read this is that this statementwas loaded 2794 times, invalidated 2793 but never executed, but I think this opinion may stem from my ignorance. This is one of hundreds of such statements. The 11g reference manual, is a little helpful on the EXECUTIONS, it states that this is the number of times that the object was executed since it was *brought into the cache*. So, it looks like your statement hasn't been executed any time in the last 2794 loads. Invalidation occurs, for example, when an underlying table is changed. The application (sounds nasty!) doesn't do anything like creating and dropping tables in a SQL Server "temporary table" manner does it? I suspect that PARSE_CALLS will be about 2794 as well. Sounds to me like one of those applications that doesn't use binds and always parses. Welcome to my world! :-( Cheers, Norm.

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