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Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2012 13:59:40 +0000
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I have successfully installed oem12 on our linux server yesterday. After the installation, I tried the following URLs, I couldn't access neither the URLs. Did I miss anything?



This information is also available at:


See below for information pertaining to your Enterprise Manager installation:

Use the following URL to access:

  1. Enterprise Manager Cloud Control URL: https://dbaoem-prod-01.uit.tufts.edu:7801/em
  2. Admin Server URL: https://dbaoem-prod-01.uit.tufts.edu:7102/console

The following details need to be provided during the additional OMS install:

  1. Admin Server Hostname: dbaoem-prod-01.uit.tufts.edu
  2. Admin Server Port: 7102

 An encryption key has been generated to encrypt sensitive data in the Management Repository. If this key is lost, all encrypted data in the Repository becomes unusable. Please run following command to backup the Management Service configuration including the emkey and keep the backup on another system:  emctl exportconfig oms -dir <backup location>

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