Archive logs applied on remote physical standby not updated on primary

From: sundar mahadevan <>
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2012 10:47:15 -0400
Message-ID: <>

Hi All,
Good day. I have a physical standby setup and the archived location on the standby got filled up. After cleaning up the disk, I manually copied the archived log files from primary to standby, registered the files and started "RECOVER MANAGED STANDBY DATABASE DISCONNECT FROM SESSION". Standby is in sync with primary now. But primary still is not updated with the information that these archive logs got applied on standby. Is there any way to reset this information? thanks.
I am on 10gR204 on 64 bit SLES 11(both primary and standby).

On primary:

SELECT local.thread#, local.sequence#, local.applied from (select thread#, sequence#, applied from v$archived_log where dest_id=1) local where local.sequence# not in (select sequence# from v$archived_log where dest_id=2 and thread# = local.thread#);

             THREAD# SEQUENCE# APP

-------------------- -------------------- ---
                   1                 5102 *NO*
                   1                 5103 *NO*

                   1                 5217 *NO*
                   1                 5218 *NO*

On Standby:

select sequence#, first_time, next_time, archived, applied from v$archived_log order by sequence# desc;

SEQUENCE# FIRST_TIME                 NEXT_TIME                  ARC APP
-------------------- -------------------------- --------------------------
--- ---
                5218 2012-MAR-21 19:51:23       2012-MAR-21 21:01:01
                5217 2012-MAR-21 19:51:21       2012-MAR-21 19:51:23
                5102 2012-MAR-21 19:33:35       2012-MAR-21 19:33:41
                5101 2012-MAR-21 19:33:27       2012-MAR-21 19:33:35
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