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From: Tim Hall <>
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2012 09:39:55 +0000
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Forgot to mention:

Oracle Linux 5.x using the UEK is vastly superior to RHEL4 or RHEL5. I know you want to use a single OS verison, but by going RHEL4 you are crippling your performance.

Currently no idea of the certification of 12c. I know someone on the beta program who is running it on OL5.x. Not sure yet if it is going to be certified on RHEL6/OL6. I hope so. It would not surprise me if it never gets certified on RHEL4/OL4. Oracle don't make habit of certifying against really old OS versions. You'll notice that 11g is only certified on RHEL/OL4 and RHEL/OL5. No backwards certification on RHEL3. If 12c is certified on RHEL/OL5 and RHEL/OL6, I can't imagine Oracle would waste the time and money to certify on RHEL/OL4.

Once again, just my opinions, not facts.



On Tue, Mar 13, 2012 at 9:31 AM, Tim Hall <> wrote:
> Hi.
> Just my opinion here, not the law...
> Oracle write the software on Linux, then port it to other OSes.
> Solaris is obviously an important tier 1 platform for Oracle, but I
> would suggest Solaris on Sparc is the one of real importance to them.
> That's where they make their big hardware money. They now offer
> Exadata with Solaris (x86) on the RAC nodes (still Linux on the
> storage cells), but someone mentioned recently they they've only
> shipped one of these. Yes one. If that's true (could be a lie), that
> does not fill me with confidence. Looking at all their other x86
> appliances and engineered systems, they are all Linux-based. I've not
> seen Solaris x86 mentioned anywhere.
> After living through the dying days of Oracle on Tru64, by choice I
> would no longer run on any platform other than what they are writing
> the code against. The software is always released on Linux first. The
> patches are released first on Linux too. Nuff said.
> I have nothing against Solaris x86 itself. It's just that it is a
> minority platform in the industry in general and looking at Oracle's
> x86 appliances and engineered systems, it seems to be a minority
> platform in Oracle also.
> Times change. Attitudes change. You ask next year I may say something
> different. :)
> Cheers
> Tim...
> On Mon, Mar 12, 2012 at 10:44 PM, ~Jeff~ <> wrote:
>> Hi all
>> As refugees of the Itanium-Oracle smackdown, we are now evaluating new
>> platforms and I was wondering if anyone had any opinions on the following
>> for production use:
>> - RedHat 4 or 5
>> - Solaris 10 x86
>> We'd want to run instances from thru to 11.2 on it, and 12g when it
>> comes out , so ideally RH4 or Sol10 would let us run a single certified OS
>> without resorting to virtualisation.
>> For that matter, does anyone consider Oracle VM (x86, not Solaris)
>> production ready ?
>> We are a VMWare shop on the windows side, but the lack of hard partitioning
>> for Oracle licensing poses some problems there.
>> Thanks in advance for any comments-
>> Jeff.
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