RE: RMAN convert 5TB db on Linux (Little Endian) to AIX (Big Endian) - alternatives?

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Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2012 11:16:42 -0600
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Thanks Rajendra, I'll definitely check it out.

Chris Taylor

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Subject: RE: RMAN convert 5TB db on Linux (Little Endian) to AIX (Big Endian) - alternatives?

The link that I think will give you more to chew on (well in my opinion) Is

Sorry it took me some time to dig it out

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You can't do transportable database across different endians, only tablespaces (with convert) so you won't need to upgrade the source DB as you can just plug 10.2 tablespaces into 11.2.

If some of your tablesapces hold historical information then you can transport these ahead of time. DataPump can be used with the same approach -- bring historical data ahead of time and then live transactional data during an outage. If none of the conventional approaches cuts it then you'll probably find yourself in some sort of a replication solution (i.e. Streams, GoldenGate).

On Tue, Mar 6, 2012 at 10:17 AM, Taylor, Chris David <> wrote:
> I was asked about converting a 5 TB 10.2 database on RHEL to a 11.2 database on AIX.
> As I was thinking through this, I understand that to do the conversion from Linux to AIX the database would have to be at the same version.  So, I'd either have to upgrade prior to moving, or after.  Then I was thinking about the RMAN conversion speed to convert from little endian to big endian and I think I would have a problem due to the time required.
> I don't have access to the exact I/O throughput on the system but if I
> can convert 4 GB in 14 minutes (stats taken from a white paper)
> through RMAN, that's close to 1/3 GB per minute.  So I could do 1 GB =
> 3 minutes. (Should I expect more than 1/3 GB per minute?)
> So, if I have 1 TB (approx. 1000GB) that would 3000 minutes.  Now if I have 5 TB, that's 15,000 MINUTES (!) to convert through RMAN.
> Is that really my only option (or best option anyway)?
> What other options should I explore?
> Chris Taylor

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