Re: RMAN convert 5TB db on Linux (Little Endian) to AIX (Big Endian) - alternatives?

From: Norman Dunbar <>
Date: Tue, 06 Mar 2012 17:11:24 +0000
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Hi Chris,

On 06/03/12 15:17, Taylor, Chris David wrote:
> I was asked about converting a 5 TB 10.2 database on RHEL to a 11.2 database on AIX.
I've just completed a conversion of a 6.5 Tb database on HPuX to Linux using transportable tablespaces. Worked fine for me. However, are your servers the same endienness? Mine were, but I'm not sure you can do TTs across different endians. (Note to self, check the manual!)

> As I was thinking through this, I understand that to do the conversion from Linux to AIX the database would have to be at the same version. So, I'd either have to upgrade prior to moving, or after. Then I was thinking about the RMAN conversion speed to convert from little endian to big endian and I think I would have a problem due to the time required.
I got a conversion rate, using RMAN on the destination server, of 2 GB every 20 seconds.

if you can't do little->big endian conversions, you may well be resorting to data pump or exp/imp I'm afraid. Good luck with that for the size of your database.


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