Re: 11gR2 RAC Network Failure - Timeout

From: Radoulov, Dimitre <>
Date: Sun, 04 Mar 2012 14:52:41 +0100
Message-ID: <>

Hi Goran,
we're running similar tests right now :) I'm searching the documentation but I don't seem to find where Oracle describes the correct (expected) behavior of the processes after a failure.

I mean - what's expected to happen _automatically_ with the processes/services
after the failure has been fixed (timeouts, other important details?), and what needs to be done manually.

Best regards

On 04/03/2012 11:52, goran bogdanovic wrote:
> small clarification of term "surviving node" ... the node is "surviving" in
> term of accessibility from outside of cluster whereas from cluster point of
> view, the node is still part of cluster
> On Mon, Feb 6, 2012 at 3:36 PM, Purav Chovatia<> wrote:

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