relocating RAC One Node

From: Maureen English <>
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2011 09:02:08 -0900
Message-ID: <>

We have RAC One Node installed on a 4 node linux RHEL5 cluster. We do not use Grid Control, but I've been using EM Database Control to manage it.

The database I created is DBA1 and the instance running on the system where I installed the RAC One Node rdbms was DBA1_1. I was able to bring up a web browser on my PC and connect to DB control on the node where the database was running and whatever I needed to with the database. That all makes sense to me and everything seemed to be working fine.

Then I decided to relocate the database, using DB control. That also seemed to work fine. The instance is now running on a different node and is called DBA1_2. However, when I try to use DB control, it can't connect to the database...TNS errors that the listener doesn't know about the database. The instance it's trying to connect to is still DBA1_1, though.

I've read Metalink Document 1335697.1, but I get errors when I run the emca commands.

So, I figured that I could just relocate the database back to the original node and it would be back to where I started. Since I can't use DB control to do that, I used crs_relocate. The database relocated back to the original node just fine, except that the instance is still DBA1_2 and I still can't use DB control because DB control is still trying to connect to DBA1_1.

I have a ticket open with Oracle, but I'm wondering if anyone else has run into a similar issue. I'm pretty sure that I need to do something so that DB control knows that the instance is now DBA1_2.

This is just a test system, and I'm still reading through the documentation for RAC, etc. I'm sure there's some detail I missed somewhere, but haven't yet found.

Any suggestions?

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