RE: creating db using dbca not seeing pop-up screens

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Date: Fri, 2 Dec 2011 08:43:30 -0500
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I'll do you one even better.

Use dbca once to create the scripts to create the database. Save/modify the scripts and run sqlplus on the server to create the database.

Use these scripts as a template going forward.

I dislike dbca simply because it creates way to many extra schemas that I will never use. And dropping those schemas after the fact is too risky. Not creating them initially is the better way to go for me.

Of course, this goes to individual preference!


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I'll give the unhelpful advice again:
use response files. Even for dbca.

It'll take you about 10 minutes to modify an existing template (which is installed automatically with the RDBMS) and you simply run runInstaller
-silent -responseFile <full path to rsp> (you can even use nohup) and go
play tetris for a while. when you come back the database is there. I got used to this when the speed I got from using either vnc o xming and putty was so unacceptably slow that it took about 5 minutes for each click. So the gui dbca or oui were unsuable... also, now I got a copy of every response file I've ever used and it's much easier to have a standar install that way.



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