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]To me, this is the Oracle topic with the most varied opinions and without a
definative answer. I use a "gather auto" method and monitor with a "list stale" procedure I set up, thinking the "gather auto" would be sufficient to maintain statistics with the least amount of process time. I watch execution plans change as tables *DO NOT* go stale and I'm at a complete loss to figure out why. I used the O_I_C and O_I_C_A briefly after watching the contents of V$BH over a long period of time as Donnie B has recommended. But for my app, they amounted to fly crap in the pepper shaker.
] So I'm still trying to figure out why plans change when stats don't.

Often it's because the queries start asking for "newer" data, and the old stats say that it doesn't exist - or that there's less of it than there used to be. From 10g Oracle pro-rates cardinalities as your queries move outside the low/high values for a column.


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