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From: Chitale, Hemant Krishnarao <>
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2011 11:27:33 +0800
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> I had one experience where recycle bin saved me a lot of work, so I
leave it on.  

You were "lucky". RECYCLEBIN has no "GUARANTEE"d retention. Table/Index segments in a Recyclebin may be auto-purged if the tablespace is running low on free space.

So a developer who thinks "I don't need to worry about DROPs, I can always get my table back" may find, 6 hours after dropping a table, that he *cannot* get his table back.  

(Conversely, the Note# 6977045.8 and Bug# 6977045 mean that sometimes the auto-purge isn't quick enough, resulting in ORA-1652's in the middle of a production batch !).    

Hemant K Chitale

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I had one experience where recycle bin saved me a lot of work, so I leave it on.

I was working on a data refresh from a Prod DB to a Dev DB. I finished the consistent export from Prod and promptly dropped all the tables in the schema only to realize that I had dropped the tables in the PROD database.

A restore would have taken several hours and customer was already pissed about delays in this implementation. After informing them of my mistake I restored all the tables from the recycle bin with a total downtime of 10 minutes (as opposed to several hours!). So... I leave Recycle Bin on.

And I don't think that if you have a way to minimize impact people having to learn that there are consequences is a good argument against using that feature... it's like saying you don't buy stuff in the supermarket because people need to learn the real value of things or that you don't use computers because people need to learn to calculate stuff by themselves. Recycle Bin is there to make your life easier in the event of a MISTAKE, are you above making mistakes?

I seem to be ranting a lot today... good thing i don't work tomorrow...


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