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Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2011 01:39:05 +0000
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My point exactly. That's why we have a DR facility setup. It's to - wait for it - recover from *disasters*! Which are a lot more widespread in definition that just someone inadvertently dropping a table.
Although of course losing any table is part of that definition and why it is covered by DR.
If I didn't have that setup then recyclebin might be a consideration. As is it's totally redundant, buggy and therefore not used. Keep it simple is an essential part of any DR setup. ;)

Nuno Souto

On Thu Apr 21 4:07 , "Lange, Kevin G" sent:

>I had this conversation before with a group of people.
>One guy in the conversation said "Why do you need all that protection ?
>Don't you trust yourself ?"
>And another answered "Of course I trust myself. It's the others I do
>not trust."
>My response was ..... "You trust yourself ? Fool !"
>Like the Physician who treats himself, or the Lawyer who defends
>himself, or the Accountant who does his taxes, the DBA who trusts
>himself not to make a mistake is the one who will one day destroy the
>database with no chance of recovery.
>Mark Twice ... Cut Once.
>Not only good in Carpentry, but in prety much every other profession.
>Anything you can put into a job to stop you from doing something wrong
>on a 2 am call from the vice president of the company is a good thing.

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