jdbc thin and TAF connections

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Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2011 15:22:07 +0000
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Just a warning up front on this question, I'm still only drinking java and not coding in it nor having little to no understanding of how it's related to the db.

That said, we've got a 4-node RAC on with thousands of incoming jdbc thin connections coming in per hour. The app team has sent me their connect strings and I see they include "...(FAILOVER = ON)...(FAILOVER_MODE = (TYPE = SELECT) (METHOD = BASIC))" and I've verified this in what's displayed in the listener logs. Yet checking FAILOVER_TYPE and FAILOVER_METHOD in GV$SESSION I see only "NONE".

MOS note 297490.1 says that the 10g jdbc/thin driver doesn't support TAF, so my assumption is this is why the physical connection drops all failover definitions for jdbc. Correct? If so, then is the best option to define this for the Oracle services they're connecting to via srvctl? Currently we have:

% srvctl config service -d $db_unique_name -a service1 PREF: inst1 inst2 AVAIL: TAF: NONE service2 PREF: inst3 inst4 AVAIL: TAF: NONE

I assume that if I give the Oracle service any definition that jdbc connections will still pick them up, even if all TAF definitions are ignored on their connect string. Correct? I'd test this to get my answer but I don't have a test system and due to my ignorance with java, I couldn't get a test jdbc connection working even after using MOS doc 433827.1. Now if this was COBOL-72...


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