RE: Gotcha's on upgrade from to on Sun Sparc 64

Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2011 20:19:53 +0000
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Depending on your network infrastructure / switches / OS config, you might need the multicast patch- 9974223. We put it on as standard procedure now. I have also found that the multicast pearl script is not a reliable test, sometimes showing a pass when it really fails.

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Subject: Gotcha's on upgrade from to on Sun Sparc 64

Has anyone done an upgrade from Grid Infrastructure to on Sun-Sparc 64, 2 node RAC?

If so, what issues did you run into? I found out about the change from IPMP to HAIP just by doing an original install, but I will need to do an upgrade shortly, and I would like to know what problems people ran into. I also plan to move the OCR and Voting Disk from RAW to ASM in this process, any insights on that would be appreciated also. No I did not do an install on RAW, that was my predecessor, I just have to fix it.


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