Re: Backups failing after Data Guard configuration

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Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2011 12:21:07 +0300
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what about log deletion policies ? How do you clean applied logs ? rman logs with "show all" output would be helpfull.

brgds, Laimis N

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  From:       Sandra Becker <>                                                                                         
  To:         oracle-l <>                                                                                             
  Date:       2011.04.15 23:02                                                                                                              
  Subject:    Backups failing after Data Guard configuration                                                                                

Platform:  IBM zSeries
OS:  Suse10
DB:  EE  (planning to go to 11g in 4-6 months)

Three weeks ago I created a standby database using RMAN and setting everything up manually.  Had problems using EM so had to resort to the manual method when Oracle support was unable to find an EM solution.  All went well, logs were shipping and applying when I turned on log apply at night, backups were performing as they always had and life was good.  I then configured the standby in EM and set up the Data Guard configuration with the primary/standby.  Now when I turn on log apply the backups fail with RMAN-20011.  I have researched the error and tried to unregister/re-register the database to no avail.  Restoring isn't an option either for this 24x7 OLTP.  I have a ticket open with Oracle support but it's been  8 hours and they have yet to even notify me that someone is working on it--it's a Sev 2 right now.  I did turn off log apply at 6:30am and at 7:30am an archive backup kicked off and ran successfully.  I find this behavior frustrating and confusing.

I have to turn off log apply during core business hours due to the excessive paging on the zSeries but it seems to me that the backups should work whether log apply is on or not.  Has anyone ever seen this behavior? I'm sure I did something wrong in my configuration but I can't seem to find it.  Any suggestions will be appreciated.


Transzap, Inc.

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