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From: Dennis Williams <>
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2011 08:04:44 -0500
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A development team should have a set of scripts that are used to create the schema. They need to modify these scripts to accommodate the change from one schema to two. Then your job becomes manageable. If they have misplaced or haven't maintained their scripts, point out that you can move the tables, but for the other objects you aren't a magician (assuming you haven't portrayed yourself as such).

I don't think the important issue is how to help the developers out at the moment on what I assume is a test database, but later when you are going to roll this out in production. The great thing about working from scripts is then you can execute the same scripts in production. If they don't have scripts now, there are several tools like Toad that can generate scripts. Depending on your version of Oracle, there are features for that.

Dennis Williams

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> I've a developer that has asked me to split a schema into two parts as
> the development team wants to "reorganize" the application. Well, creating
> a new user is rather easy & moving data from one user to another isn't
> usually much of a problem, especially when they give you a table list. But
> these tables have constraints, foreign keys, permissions and all of the
> other "stuff" that comes from an already deployed application. Now normally
> I'd just run export and import to move the stuff, but I'm wondering, can you
> use data pump over a loop back db link to do the same thing??? Has anyone
> tried it??
> Dick Goulet
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