Re: desupport - end of an era

From: Nuno Souto <>
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2011 21:58:22 +1000
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David Roberts wrote,on my timestamp of 15/04/2011 8:15 AM:

> In short with the breadth and volatility of Oracles software offering, I can't
> see how they can afford to support minority platforms.

Er..... No one asked them to port the breadth. Just the RDBMS, thankingyouverymuch.
Failing that, they basically destroyed the only single argument that one can sensibly build nowadays to buy their RDBMS...

> So, consolidation is inevitable, and Itanium was the weaker offspring of Intel!

Not for a product whose mainstream strength has always been the portability and availability in multiple platforms, thereby not locking anyone into a single platform. Take that away and there are much better products than their RDBMS. That's a very definite risk they are taking...

> It's all driven by maths and accountants, go figure!
> They already have!

Hmmmm.... One might contend that before they put maths and accountants in the driving seat, it might actually help to put customers there instead? But maybe I'm old fashioned that way?

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