Re: OT: Anyone using Kindle for Oracle Docs and/or other tech docs?

From: Radoulov, Dimitre <>
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2011 10:07:19 +0200
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and I'm really very happy with it!

I agree with the others as far as the pdf files are concerned, most of them are almost unreadable on my Kindle's 6" display.

I'm saying almost, because reading a PowerPoint ppt, published as pdf, for example, could be acceptable (you may need to rotate the screen, depending on the font size).

In my experience the best converters are:

  1. Amazon's free service - you need to send them the pdf at <your_name> and they will send you back the azw version (the Kindle format) of the file via email. Kindle is capable of displaying pdf files, so, by default, they will send you back the same file, without converting it. In order to _force_ the conversion to azw, you need to put the verb "convert" (without the quotes) in the subject.
  2. Mobipocket Reader (a free product,

The main drawback is that you loose some formating with both azw (Amazon) and prc (Mobipocket),
but in most cases, it's really not a big issue (at least for me).

My Kndle has approximately 3GB of storage for user data, it's far more than I need (at a time).

The battery life is fantastic (I used a low-cost tablet for reading before and it's was terrible: it was slow and I needed to charge the battery at least
every 2-3 days).


On 15/04/2011 04:53, Jared Still wrote:
> Only slightly off topic I guess.
> The proliferation of documentation makes it hard to keep the right stuff
> at hand, as well as any docs I would like read.
> Printing and stapling/binding just doesn't work well anymore.
> Has anyone had good success with using the Kindle for Oracle docs
> and other technical documentation?
> The Kindle does have some limitations, such as a 200 file limit.
> That shouldn't be a problem, as most of us probably only need a few
> documents
> out of the documentation set. Though I would like them for 9i, 10gR2
> and 11gR2.
> An iPad or other tablet would work, but Kindle has the following benefits:
> * better battery life
> * easier to read, especially outdoors
> * smaller form factor makes it easier to tote
> * and finally, a lot less $$$ than a tablet computer.


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