Re: Do you ask the question: How do I work with Oracle Support....?

From: Maureen English <>
Date: Thu, 07 Apr 2011 10:55:26 -0800
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Okay, I'll chime in and defend Oracle Support....

Sometimes I have an SR that is mainly a request for information...lots of them lately. In one such SR, the support person answered my question and asked if I had any other questions. Of course, I had more questions...the SR stayed open for weeks with me adding to it frequently until I was satisfied that all my questions had been answered. Yes, I did try to find answers before opening the SR, but Oracle Support has access to far more information than I do when it comes to the details of what the information in a trace file means. They can ask the 'code owner' about the messages.

Other times I have a problem that is truly an enigma for me and Oracle Support. In one such case, my SR remained open for many months, but the support person was able to offer some little detail made a huge difference. This person was in no hurry to close the SR just to add it to the number of SRs he closed.

Then there are times when I have opened an SR and no progress is made for days. I'm okay letting someone learn on the job, as long as I see progress and it's not an emergency. If I'm not satisfied with the answer provided, I request more information. I think I've irritated at least one or two support analysts, but I've also gotten the answer I need. If there is no progress being made, and I no longer have patience, I call and ask for the SR to be reassigned, or I close the SR/unresolved and open a new one in hopes of getting a new support analyst.

Like any company, there are some support analysts who do a very thorough job of resolving issues, will readily admit when they are stumped and be willing to spend more time than I have to do the research. There are also those who are more interested in counting widgets (closing SRs) than in actually far I've only had to deal with a few of those.

  • Maureen

Lange, Kevin G wrote:
> Working with oracle support is kind of like teaching a small dog not to
> mess on the carpet. No mater how much repetition you do and how much
> you teach them, they always seem to go back to their old ways end ending
> up messing up.
> Of course, thats only my opinion. I could be wrong.

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