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Just to clear the air with everyone... apparently this always used to be slow. The Vendor made a performance fix and now it's fast. Maybe they fixed it by running these traces and understanding how the design of the application works, knew what to change. At any rate, it's fixed. Freek, i tried to run your orasrp and got a glibc 2.5 error in Linux and i don't know how to run anything in Windows, so got that generic "is not recognized as..." error.

Thanks for everyone's help

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In your new (slow) setup is there a significant difference in the network

between the app server and the db server compared to the prod (fast) setup? E.g.

is the app and db server in different data centers or different parts of the

data center or is there now a firewall or some other device between the app

server and db server? Anything that can introduce significant latency would

cause the wait event you see.

It's also possible there's something else running on the app server that slows

its processing of the fetched rows down. Have you run a vmstat or something

similar on the app server to ensure it has sufficient CPU resources available

while the query runs?

Are you sure that the app executing the query is exactly the same as prod? I.e.

if it's a newer release it's possible the app itself does more with the data

between fetches contributing to the slowness.


Finn Jorgensen

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