Re: Books for beginner - learning PL/SQL and/or APEX

From: Sandra Becker <>
Date: Fri, 1 Apr 2011 13:06:11 -0600
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Some great advice. Thank you. I've purchased one book, looked at the docs, played in my sandbox database and got my boss to pay for a couple hundred hours of consulting to write some of the app while doing some training. The needs of the customer support team are fairly simple and we haven't had to use any PL/SQL yet but the consultant did write some javascript. I read up on css and a lot of what the wizards do makes more sense now. I've also talked to one of my best developers about javascript and he has pointed me to some good educational sources and offered his help when he can spare a few minutes.

Apex will definitely fill the majority of the needs that have been identified so far. I put together a demo for the managers in the Operations division and it was so well received I've been flooded with requests for getting something into production for all their teams. I still have a lot to learn and I'm excited about it but I have already been able to make good use of what I've learned in just a couple of months of playing with Apex a few hours a week. The first thing I'm insisting on for each application is a meeting to discuss requirements and to keep the focus to a single page or two until we all get a better handle on requirements gathering and what the end users really need vs what they think they need. The last meeting was very illuminating. The manager had a completely different idea of what they wanted done compared to what the team lead wanted. The team lead will not get what she wants and in all honesty the manager really did know what she was talking about and what was needed. Seems the team has been duplicating a lot of things and manually entering this data in about 7 different places when the majority of it can be handled quite nicely by running a couple of small scripts against the database. The power of Apex will allow us to automate several of their tasks while providing up-to-date reporting for managers with a minimum of fuss.

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