Re: SQL Profile strange behavior

From: Riyaj Shamsudeen <>
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2010 17:07:36 -0600
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   I haven't seen this specific issue, few of my clients use profiles with no such issue.

   did you have problem with older init.ora file or after reverting back to new spfile? Remember that profiles is a set of hints(hinted completely though) and if you have set some initialization parameters disallowing the execution path, then I can see profiles not working as intended.

  For example, if the profile has index_ffs hint, but the init.ora parameter disallows index fast full scan with _fast_full_scan_enabled=false, then the profile will not work as intended.

  Do you mind sending last part of that 10053 trace file?


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On Wed, Nov 24, 2010 at 10:52 AM, Dennis Williams <> wrote:

> List,
> We have a errant query and created a SQL Profile for it. This worked great
> but after a few days it seemed to not be effective. I confirmed that the
> query was still using the profile. Eventually I ran a 10053 trace and at the
> bottom was the line:
> We dropped the profile and behavior seemed to improve. Now the
> developers have less faith in profiles and are wanting to rely on
> OPTIMIZER_COST_ADJ and OPTIMIZER_INDEX_CACHING instead. This was pretty much
> the first time we'd given profiles a try, so our experience is profiles is
> limited.
> Has anyone had experience with profiles going bad?
> The only unusual thing that happened between profile creation and this
> incident was that we accidentally started the database with an old init.ora
> file. Once we figured out what happened, we restarted with the SPFILE.
> Any thoughts appreciated,
> Have a Happy Thanksgiving,
> Dennis Williams

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