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From: Amaral, Rui <>
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2010 12:13:11 -0500
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Have you seen the following:

Deadlock Error Not in Alert.log and No Trace File Generated on OPS or RAC [ID 262226.1]

Explains it as:

These values are:
<BLOCKED|BLOCKER> <lockp> <cvt|held mode> <res name> <pid|did|txn_id> <node>

The second to last field () could be a pid or the txn id depending on whether we have an XID based deadlock search flag.  

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Subject: investigating deadlocks - wait-for-graph


I have a rac database ( on Redhat linux 4.6), which reports daily 5 or 6 times a global enqueue deadlock detected.

For my investigations I'm trying to understand the wait-for-graph, but information seems to be limited.

Global Wait-For-Graph(WFG) at ddTS[0.1062] : BLOCKED 0x1d4929550 5 wq 2 cvtops x1 [0x1c001b][0x19644],[TX] [4A000-0001-00000D8A] 0 BLOCKER 0x1b81f25d0 5 wq 1 cvtops x8 [0x1c001b][0x19644],[TX] [B3000-0002-00000C60] 1 BLOCKED 0x1d4ac8e00 5 wq 2 cvtops x1 [0x20028][0x48c3e],[TX] [B3000-0002-00000C60] 1 BLOCKER 0x1d48ee550 5 wq 1 cvtops x8 [0x20028][0x48c3e],[TX] [4A000-0001-00000D8A] 0

If my information is correct, the last column is the rac node and the before last is the transaction id.

wq 1 is the grant queue and wq 2 is the convert queue.

But what is the second and third column (lock mode?) And what about the other fields?

Any pointers?

Kind regards,

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